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    Life Matrix Medical is a committed healthcare holding, trading and solutions provider with an unwavering motivation of bringing exceptional value to the UAE. Rooted in the Emirate of Dubai and energized with its Emirati leadership, LMM is uniquely positioned to be not just a regional hub in importing medical innovation, but to also nurture the domestic healthcare landscape.

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    Instruments and Disposables

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    Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

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    Solution Discovery

  • Exceptional Partners.

    Satisfied Clients.

    It is Life Matrix Medical's ability to delight clients and work proactively with partners, both regional and global, that gives LMM a distinct edge over the other market participants in bringing synergy.


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    Grena Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of disposable medical devices.

    Grena's focus is on patients’ safety and users’ comfort while offering cost-effective quality products. Their range consists of stapling instruments (including circular staplers, linear staplers and skin staplers), ligating clips, surgical meshes, endoscopic instruments and consumable medical products for general surgery like thoracentesis/paracentesis sets, connecting tubes, insuflaction needles, retrieval bags, suction sets and chest drainage systems.

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    ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH offers complete system solutions and products with a high, sustainable economic benefit for the health care system in the operational and information technological field.

    ASANUS offers you high-precision, surgical quality instruments “Made by ASANUS” far in excess of the standard for almost every surgical field. Continuous scrutinizing from meaningfulness in creating products and achievements are formative for the platform and base of our creative power and acting. In accordance from tradition and high-tech-innovations ASANUS creates your ideal platform for economically reasonable solutions in the operational working environment in hospital.

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    With its innovative, premium-quality products, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH's Regulat is making important contributions to improving health and enhancing quality of life.

    Regulatpro® is a cascade-fermented enzyme drink made from organically grown fruit, nuts, vegetables and spices. The bioactive substances from the valuable source materials are broken down by cascade fermentation, a patented process, and made highly available in a concentrated form within Regulatpro® range of products.

    The enzymatic regulation efficacy of Regulat® has a wide variety of effects on the entire body as well as a local effect on and through the skin.

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    Brighter addresses common public health challenges through a group of innovation companies. By introducing groundbreaking technology and innovative services, we aim to improve health outcomes and wellbeing amongst the global population and facilitate increased efficiency throughout the healthcare system. Currently the group has offices in Stockholm, Dubai and Jakarta.

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    Nabta is a hybrid healthcare company for women. Discovering new ways for women to identify and manage Non-Communicable Diseases.

    Nabta works to address the gaps in women’s healthcare, and to make affordable and accessible healthcare available to the next generation of women, a new model of healthcare is required, one that improves clinical outcomes by removing some of the inherent inefficiencies in the healthcare ecosystem.

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    Developing Synergies. Strengthening Union. 

    As economies of sharing grow and the crowd holds all means of creation, the lines between physical and intellectual property blur. Established in 2015, AFAQ Group is a specialized resource stewardship office, steering know-how, locations, and investment for future prosperity. It perpetuates strategic opportunity for like-minded families and sovereign capital houses, while privately placing funding, permissions, or land for products, projects, and platforms that are existential to our evolving tribal collective. Life Matrix Medical is proud to be part of AFAQ Group.

  • Energized Team. Resolute Motivation. 

    Our team is what makes LMM truly stand out from the rest.  From our star outreach and sales team to stellar partner relations and operations support, we have surrounded ourselves with the brightest minds in all relevant respective industries and roles to ensure that we can provide LMM's clients with the best possible service. We currently don't have any open positions.
  • Contact Us

    Whether you are an innovative prospective partner seeking to enter the vibrant healthcare sector of the UAE through LMM or whether you are an illustrious healthcare provider seeking to use and provide the utmost quality products and services, we would love to hear from you.

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